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Dean Auditions for a Diet Coke Advert;
> Supernatural
> Dean/Castiel, mentions of Sam/Gabriel
> Dean is too hot to hunt, too hot to think, too hot to do anything. Castiel is just too hot. A get-better-soon PWP for bellacatbee
> NC-17; sexual situations
Dean Auditions for a Diet Coke Advert

Hell is Living Without You;
> Supernatural
> Sam/Gabriel, mentions of Dean/Castiel
> Sam is King of Hell and Gabriel refuses to leave him. I may expand on this at a later date.
> PG-13; mentions of torture; character death; blood
Hell is Living Without You

> Good Omens/Supernatural
> Crowley/Aziraphale
> Crowley and Aziraphale might have been together a long time, but even so they don't like being separated. Crowley returns home after working in the States on Hell's latest project.
> PG

Love Cats (or How Dean and Castiel were Brought Together through the Medium of Cats);
> Supernatural AU
> Sam/Gabriel, implied Dean/Castiel
> When Gabriel the beautiful, intelligent, elegant and glamorous Siamese moves to a new town with his human he doesn’t expect that his life will be changed forever by the hulking beast of a cat sat in his yard.  Castiel’s life is changed too, but he’s not so important.
> PG
Love Cats

> Good Omens/New Tricks
> Crowley/Aziraphale
> Aziraphale doesn't much like Crowley's choice of friends, especially when he is the butt of their jokes and pranks. Despite being a mild-mannered angel and religious texts collector, he is still able to get his own back.
> PG

Spying Has It's Benefits;
> Supernatural
> Dean/Castiel, Dean/Castiel/Adam
> Adam is jealous of all the attention Dean gives his stupid angel and decides to find out what makes Castiel so special. Written because bellacatbee dared me
> NC-17; PWP; Incest; threesome
Spying Has it's Benefits

We're Not Broken;
> Supernatural AU
> Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel
> When Dean stops to help a stranded motorist on his way to work he doesn’t expect to feel such an instant connection to the man or to be pulled into his life. A standalone no angels/no hunters AU based on the trope of what would have happened if Gabriel had taken Castiel with him when he ran away?
> Co-written with [info]bellacatbee
> PG-13; mentions of rape and recovery from rape; disturbing themes (cult membership); includes discussion of mental health; includes mention of sexually transmitted diseases.
Part A, B, C, D


Works in Progress

An Element of Persuasion verse;
> Supernatural
> Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel
> Gabriel is getting lonely in his old age. He considers his options, and then just has to persuade Sam Winchester to agree. And avoid being killed by Dean.
> NC-17; Mpreg; cursing
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and in the same verse:
Dean has a lot to answer for

> Supernatural
> A series of drabbles based on the personal heroes of various characters.
> PG-13; language

Pink Champagne;
> Supernatural AU
> Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Adam/Michael
> Dean used to know he was straight but since he met Castiel everything’s confused. Castiel dresses like a girl but only for his job, Adam’s experimenting with make-up and Dean knows this is all the fault of Sam’s gender and sexuality course.
> Co-written with [info]bellacatbee
> NC-17; sexual situations; cursing; includes cross-dressing; includes homophobia
Chapter 1a, 1b

The Lost Ones verse;
> Lost Boys/Supernatural AU
> Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Adam/Michael , hints of Bobby/John and one-sided Crowley/John
> After losing his job and having the bank foreclose on his house, John Winchester takes his sons across country to stay with his eccentric old friend Bobby Singer. However their new start isn't all it seems. While Sam makes friends with two boys who claim to be vampire hunters, Dean is drawn into the wrong crowd and Adam just doesn't understand what is going on.
> Co-written with bellacatbee
> NC-17; Vampirism; death; under-age sexual situations (Castiel is over 100 years old but appears 17)
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b and in the same verse:
One who loved too much by bellacatbee; Nick/Lucifer; NC-17; character death; death of a child; descriptions of violence

Rupert 'verse;
> Good Omens / Supernatural
> Crowley/Aziraphale
> Crowley is not all he appears to be. Evil creature bent on bringing about the Apocalypse or brow-beaten family man demon?
> PG-13; Mpreg
Summoned and Enter, Rupert