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Non Omnis Moriar by kijikun

You all know how much I adore vampire!supernatural, right?

Well I've just spent my morning reading Non Omnis Moriar (Dean/Cas, Gabriel/Sam) by kijikun.  I'm trying to find words now to describe it to you, to tell you just had fantastic the writing is, how powerful it is- but I'm seriously at a loss! I gobbled it up and have to say I let my coffee go cold. I never leave my coffee long enough for it to go hold. But this fic is that good.

Sam and Dean are fantastically portrayed as Strix, a type of vampire, yet lose nothing of the banter that makes them the Winchesters we love so much. Dean especially, the protective drive he has towards Sam and his desire for Castiel is handled amazingly well, makes your heart ache. Gabriel and his relationship with Castiel, and absent Michael, is touching too. Sam and Gabriel are just as they should be, sweet and sexual and sensual and fun. The sex scenes will have you hungry for more. The plot and the backstory are utterly delicious, worked into the chapters expertly and giving the characters perfect development, the pacing throughout is spot-on, it really draws you in. I can't rate it highly enough- I know this is a story I'll keep coming back to to read over and over again.

The only thing I'm hoping for is more. It leaves you on a wicked cliff-hanger, one that is mindbogglingly right for the whole piece. I just don't want it left where is stands. I want the bad guy to get the ass-kicking he rightly deserves, and I want to know how our heroes do it. But go read it now!