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Oct. 11th, 2012

Title: Maybe Baby
Author: nileflood
Artist: the wonderful lynndyre
Beta: the fantastic casness
Genre: Slash / Mpreg
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Castiel/Dean, past Gabriel/Kali
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sexual situations, mpreg
Word Count:  29,578
Summary: Sam is an up-and-coming young man within the legal profession, with a good job and prospects in an international firm. He’s sensible and level-headed, and as such when he shared a drunken moment with the janitor of their office, it throws him. He would have gotten over it, probably, if said janitor hadn’t then told him he was pregnant. Sam’s life quickly descends into chaos as he tries to work out if he really has knocked-up a gold-digger, or if things aren’t really as bad as all that.
Link to art: HERE onlynndyre's journal
Link to fic: HERE at Ao3

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