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Nov. 2nd, 2013

Title: Free Ride
Artist: saffron_zephyr
Beta: Rudy and Queen Crowley on tumblr
Genre/pairing: Slash; Dean/Castiel but Crowley/Castiel to start
Rating: NC17
Word-count: 16000
Warnings: infidelity, mpreg

Summary: Castiel really should have known better than to have a relationship with Crowley. He might have been Castiel’s most prominent client, but he was secretive and controlling. Castiel shouldn’t have tumbled into bed with him in the first place. That way he would never have gotten pregnant, he would never have had to rush to hospital in the middle of the night and then he would never, ever have met Dean Winchester.

For a taxi-driver that only had the vaguest of qualifications though, he was, well, possibly the best thing that could have happened to Castiel at that point. He’d driven Castiel to the hospital the night he’d given birth, alone and still fuming at Crowley’s betrayal, and had stayed. Dean had even driven him home, had returned later with Castiel’s missing wallet and then, somehow, managed to form a bond with the baby that rivalled Castiel’s own. As babysitters go, Castiel couldn’t really find anyone better, despite Dean’s charming smiles and winks in his direction. But now as Castiel tries to get his life back on track and settle down with a better father-figure for his son, is Dean going to prove to be more a help or a hindrance?

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