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Title: Kitchen Heaven
Author: nileflood
Artist: perilousrain
Pairing (if any): Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel, one sided Balthazar/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 30,557
Warnings/Spoilers: Some explicit sexual situations, language, assault.

Summary: Gabriel’s never been very much good at anything in life, apart from cooking and entertaining a crowd. It only makes sense that he should try and bite off more than he can chew by becoming a TV chef. While Kitchen Heaven succeeds in their small home state, it’s not exactly the household name Gabriel wants it to be. With the help of his brother-producer-financial backer Castiel, and newly hired assistant Sam, he’s going to try and get syndication from a national network. It’s hardly as easy as pie, and it only gets worse when Sam’s trouble-making brother turns up and the studio owner sets his sights on Castiel.

Link to fic: here at AO3
Link to art: here at perilousrain's journal