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It's time to dust off the writing cobwebs and get myself back into writing. I'm having difficulty with doing my bangs so maybe something short and sweet will help me out. So guys, please suggest some prompts. 

✎ All drabbles will be under 500 words long.
✎  I will be writing Midam, Sabriel and Destiel for your reading pleasure. I will not write bottom!Dean
✎  I will write AU stories. 
✎ I will not do the Gangnam Style dance while at my desk


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Nov. 17th, 2012 12:24 am (UTC)
Give me all the cat fic! I want a tiny Adam kitten.
Nov. 17th, 2012 09:32 pm (UTC)
Kittens Are For Girls - G
“I believed you had Sam from a kitten.” Castiel’s words are faintly accusing as he watches Dean pointedly ignore the little orange cat flit around their feet. Sammy and Ca- Gabe, they’re watching disapprovingly from the armchair, each taking up one arm (although there is room to spare on Gabe’s side, and Sam takes up the whole arm and then some). The thing, Adam, has far too much energy, always trying to do what the other two can, and most of the time without much luck. Earlier it was trying to climb the stairs, hauling itself up by hooking its claws into the carpet.

“I did. But he wasn’t like this. This thing is just hyper.” Dean feels exhausted just watching it, and he tries not to do that. Every time he’s said the cat’s name, or looked at it a second too long, it’s homing in and made a beeline for him, expecting to be allowed to climb all over him, head-butt him until Dean gives in.

Dean’s not going to. He’s not going to be a slave to a cat. Sam doesn’t need any of that emotional crap, and well, Cand- Gabriel is one of those fancy breeds that gets all high-strung when things don’t go his way. Dean gets that. But this kitten, it’s just demanding and it shouts and in the middle of the night, it gets in-between them, under the sheets. He’d live with that, but the damn cat crawls into Castiel’s arms and then that’s it. Dean gets the cold-shoulder off both of them the rest of the night.

Still... sometimes it’s hard to stay mad. The times when Adam manages to climb up onto the couch and curls up against Dean’s side to sleep, well, that’s sorta cute, although Dean isn’t about to say it out loud. Adam watches him shave too, head tilted to the side, like he’s trying to learn how to do it or something. But Cas is already downstairs with his coffee and lecture notes by then, and he doesn’t see.

He isn’t home in the early afternoon either, when Sammy and Candy and Adam are rolling about on the floor, fighting over some bit of fluff they’ve found. Adam normally ends up on the bottom, squashed under Sam’s bulk and it’s up to Dean to rescue him, and Castiel is on the phone with one of his final-year students when Dean spends half an hour playing it’s-a-snake with an old shoe-lace and the youngest member of the family.

Cas does catch them on the weekend though, when the sun’s out and Dean’s dozed off on the back steps, leant up against the railings, with the cat in his lap. Dean says he doesn’t like kittens, but there seems to be an exception that proves every rule.
Nov. 17th, 2012 09:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Kittens Are For Girls - G

This is just the sweetest thing. And all the Dean and kitten!Adam interaction make me so happy. As do the references to Sam and Candy-Gabriel, and the fact that Dean and Cas are so gorgeously domestic and have cats. Yes, perfect fliclet. Will keep forever to make me happy.
Nov. 17th, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
Can I get some wing fic please? Any of those pairing would be more than OK with me :D
Nov. 17th, 2012 10:05 am (UTC)
Can I have some hurt/comfort Michael-Gabriel bonding instead?
Nov. 17th, 2012 10:57 pm (UTC)
He Still Blames You - G
Gabriel was only small when it happened. Well, young. He didn’t understand, he didn’t get it like Michael did, he didn’t understand what it meant. You couldn’t disagree; you couldn’t stand up like Lucifer had. That wasn’t what they did. They were their father’s first, his Arch-angels, the ones that represented His will, His strength, and they kept the others from straying. They had done before. They might have... well, privately, always privately, had doubts.

No, not Doubts. Michael never doubted. He just didn’t fully understand. None of them could really understand their Father. Lucifer should have known that too. But he was so independent, so self-assured and so devoted, maybe too devoted and blinded by it... Michael didn’t know. He didn’t want to know, he didn’t want to think on it, unless he started to feel the same way. All he’d held onto was the anger, and the bitterness and the pain when Lucifer had been cast out- falling from their home, his wings failing to catch the wind as he tumbled downwards, tears streaming upwards in the air as he crashed.

Michael didn’t see him hit the Earth, although he felt it in his body, in his Grace, like they all must have. Gabriel felt it too, because Michael could feel him sobbing too. There were shock-waves through all of them, all of his brothers and sisters felt the same pain, the same sense of loss. Some felt a paler shade of anger to his own, but none apart from him and Gabriel felt as much hurt.

Gabriel had been, well, not as close. But he had loved Lucifer fiercely, been in complete and total awe of him. Begged him to teach him tricks and jokes, they’d attempted prank wars on as many of their dower siblings as they could manage- before Michael had had to step in. The telling-off hadn’t lessened Gabriel’s love or diminished Lucifer’s joy at teaching him what he could. They’d been part way through another cheap trick, one that now Michael supposed was never going to be perfected. But that was better, better than let Lucifer continue to corrupt those he should have been nurturing.

Gabriel didn’t see it that way. He was curled into his wings, all three pairs wrapped around his frame as tight as they could be, tawny feathers trembling as he sobbed, his face buried in his hands. It would have broken Michael’s heart all over again, if he’d had any time to heal. Even without it, the sight of the other angel like that rubbed salt into every wound.

He moved forwards, sank down onto the floor, and wrapped an arm around Gabriel, pulling him closer, against his chest. At first Gabriel seemed to resist, he stiffened and suddenly felt so much heavier. But heavy was nothing to Michael, and he didn’t let go, his fingers stroking feathers and Gabriel’s hair, until the younger relaxed, until he took a shaking gasping wet breath against his brother, his body shaking and his fingers grabbing and holding tight, nails biting into flesh. It was an angry grip, one full of blame and fear and regret. But the tears didn’t subside, not even as Michael stroked along Gabriel’s back and murmured all the calming words he knew until the air around them was warm and safe. He held him until the sun set and the moon rose and he held him until the sky glowed again at dawn. He held him through a week of nights and a week of days and then, slowly, the sobs began to fade. When they descended into hiccups, and Gabriel pulled away.

His face was always expressive, be it with mirth or self-satisfaction, but rarely there was so much anger in it. Michael had hoped it had faded, but part of him didn’t think it ever would.

“I’m sorry, Gabriel.” It was all he could think to say. There was no point trying to explain duty to Gabriel. He knew about duty, he knew his role. He did expect something though, a punch for a shove or something, some manifestation of all that anger. But it didn’t come. Gabriel just nodded, taking another deep breath before he settled back into Michael’s arms, folding his arms around himself, and falling into silence once more.
Nov. 17th, 2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
Re: He Still Blames You - G
Thank you so much. I loved it (even if I had to cry the whole time)
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