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GET STUFF DONE -DAY 3 (yesterday)

Posting Date: August 14th
Snippet? He’d never seen Castiel blush. He’d never seen any real, intense emotion cross his friend’s face before, but the red flush that appeared on Castiel’s cheeks was bright and undeniable. Castiel never stumbled to find something to say, some sort of excuse, but he couldn’t. The thought of telling an untruth was clearly too much for him. It was tragic, in its own way, but Adam liked his friend like this. Castiel wouldn’t ever lie, couldn’t lie, but he didn’t need to. He wasn’t the sort of boy that had anything to lie about. Until now.
Progress? 17921 / 5000 words. 358% done!

Posting Date: from September 22nd
Snippet?  “Whoa whoa whoa!” Gabriel chimed in then, looking both as embarrassed and uncomfortable as Sam felt. “That’s enough. Forgiven and forgotten, Cas. Sam’s been a real saint today. He didn’t have to drive me down here. And you don’t have to drop me home, Sam, not if you don’t want to. Castiel can drive me back.”  
Progress? 9390 / 10000 words. 94% done!

Posting Date: from September 1st
Snippet? N/A.
Progress?  1141 / 1000 words. 114% done!

Posting Date: from February 1st
Snippet? N/A.
Progress? / 15000 words. 0% done!


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Jul. 30th, 2012 03:27 pm (UTC)
*pokes* Looks like that last one needs some work.
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